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Join Erik and Tage this week as they are joined by Chris, host of the Jiminy Crickets Podcast and Dateline Jiminy Crickets, and Lynn, co-host of the Sweep Spot podcast.

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Question 1: Adventureland and Frontierland were designed to represent some of Disney’s live action content, namely the True Life Adventures and Davy Crockett. What other classic live action movies would you turn into a land or an attraction in Disney parks? Go nuts. As obscure or famous a movie as you want. No constraints on space or cost.

Question 2 : What is something you really enjoyed from Disney when you were younger, but don’t enjoy as much, if at all anymore?

Question 3 : What is your favorite Disney live-action comedy from the Walt Disney era, 1966 or earlier?

Question 4 : What is one thing at Disneyland reminds you of Walt?

Patreon Bonus Question: What Disney movie/show/parks thing/whatever did you not get when you were younger but you love now?


Chris – Host of the Jiminy Crickets Podcast ( and Dateline Jiminy Crickets (, creator of the website, recently started streaming on Twitch (, Lifelong Disney Fan and Disney historian.

Lynn – Co-host of the Sweep Spot podcast (, Hub Crawl enthusiast, and former Disney custodial cast member.