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Join Erik and Dan this week as they are joined by Jimmy, Paxton, and Alex as they discuss their earliest attraction memories, perfect Disney dining days, overcoming fears of big rides, rides they won’t ride, and if they have ever been scared on a Disney ride. Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: What is your earliest memory of an attraction?

Question 2: What is your perfect Disney dining day?

Question 3: To the adults: how did you overcome your fears of “big rides”? Do you still have rides you won’t ride for any reason? To The Boys: what ride(s) do you think will be the easiest to conquer? Which ones do you think might be the hardest?

Question 4: have you ever been scared on a disney ride and what was it?

Bonus Question: We have all been to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. What other Disney things would you like to experience? Cruises, Tokyo, Paris?