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Join Erik and Tage this week as they are joined by Liberty, a community manager from the DLWeekly Podcast, and DeeAnn, a member of the welcoming committee for the DLWeekly Podcast as they discuss their favorite attractions to subject family to no matter what, what attraction they want to take more time in, their park hopping order at Disney World, and dream entertainment dining package. Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: Question 1: We’re all sophisticated park folk here. What’s your favorite attraction that you will go to every time no matter how much your family shouts, “Enough already!”

Question 2: If you could ride 1 attraction at a slower pace, what would it be and why?

Question 3: On your next trip to Disney World, what is your park-hopping order?

Question 4: What is your dream entertainment dining package? The sky’s the limit! (Include the food type/restaurant/location, type of show, viewing area)

Bonus (for Patreon supporters only): Opposite side of Erik’s earlier question. Which classic or super popular attraction can you skip?