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Join Erik and Tage this week as they are joined by Bethany and Michelle, both ConciEARS Vacation Planners, as they discuss park kits, never done home park things, attraction updates, and immersive experiences. Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: What is your go-to kit for a day in the parks and why?

Question 2: What is something you have never done at your home park?

Question 3: What attraction do you think is in the most need of an update?

Question 4: If you could turn any Disney attraction, or story, into an immersive 2-day experience like the Galactic Starcruiser, what would it be & what would it look like?

Bonus Question for Patreon supporters: What is your favorite story about planning a Disney vacation? Tage, this totally applies to you because you plan your own trips all the time too. Also me. Now that I’m a ConciEAR, I have to do all this work myself.