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Join Erik and Tage this week as they are joined by Rob from the Bantha Milk Podcast, and Lyndsey from ConciEARS as they discuss whether MagicBand+ is good or bad, memorable Cast Members, upcoming Star Wars projects, and Disney nostalgia. Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: MagicBand+ finally came to Disney World last month. What do you think of the program and does this make all the app-based things in the resort easier/better, or is it just another thing?

Question 2: What is your best or most memorable interaction with a Disney Cast member? 

Question 3: Comic Con gave us some details on the next Star Wars series, Andor and The Acolyte. What, if any, upcoming Star Wars projects are you most excited about?

Question 4: As Disney-loving adults, we have a lot of nostalgia tied into this company and it’s products and theme parks. What is something from your childhood that really helped lock in your love for Disney? 

Patreon Bonus Question: What is something that you would divest Disney from? This can be an IP, or a theme park, or an attraction, or a TV studio. Sky is the limit.