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Join Erik and Tage this week as they are joined by Ruthie, co-host of the Jiminy Crickets! podcast, and Steph. Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: What is your least favorite Disney film that you have ever watched? Why?

Question 2: What Imagineer do you think has had the greatest impact on the parks (besides the Original Imagineer Walt Disney)?

Question 3: If you could redesign any attraction queue, what would you pick and how would you change it?

Question 4: What is your go-to Parks foot wear?

Patreon Bonus Question: If you had to pick one treat to banish from the parks, what would it be?


Ruthie – I am the co-host of the Jiminy Crickets! podcast, which you can find on Apple Podcasts or on our website and I’m also the co-host of Dateline Jiminy Crickets!, our monthly Youtube show, you can find this at

Steph – I am an avid Disney podcast listener, supporter and have a public instagram dedicated to my family and I’s adventures as Magic Key Holders at I love connecting with my fellow Disney Fans. I also help moderate a Facebook group called Disneyland with Kids.