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Join Erik and Ryan this week as they are joined by David and Dan as they discuss the best Disney CEOs, what they see parents doing right or wrong in the parks, what “that costs way too much” thing they would do in the Disney sphere, and where they would add Muppets IP to the parks. Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: Who is the best Disney CEO and why are you wrong?

Question 2: Ryan is a new father and 2 of the 4 of us are parents. What are some things that you see parents doing in the parks, or not doing, which you think are especially good ideas in terms of going to the parks with young kids, or kids of any age?

Question 3: This is episode 33, Club 33 is a thing. Club 33 costs a lot of money, what “that costs way to much” thing would you want to do in within the Disney Sphere? Ideas include Club 33 membership, Galactic Star Cruiser, VIP Tour, Kyburr Crystal drink package, etc.

Question 4: In February 2004, Disney acquired “The Muppets” and the “Bear in the Big Blue House” assets from The Jim Henson Company for $75 million … and since then have done nothing with the Muppets IP in the parks. Now you could theme an entire land after the Muppets … but what is one Muppet theming you would bring to the parks. It can be a ride, an attraction, a restauration a show … whatever.

Bonus Question: Have you experienced Virtual Queues in the parks and what are your opinions on them?