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Join Erik and Dan this week as they are joined by Ryan and Dave as they discuss their most unhinged by sincere opinions of the Disney parks, their dream solo trip to the parks, a local themed location they would like to see absorbed by Disney, and how they would make a movie reboot of any Disney Park IP. Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: What is your most unhinged yet completely sincere opinion related to Disney parks?

Question 2: We are all “adult fans” of the Disney parks … describe your ideal solo trip to a Disney Park. Which park do you start in, first ride, must eat food etc.

Question 3: Which local, themed place from your childhood should be absorbed by Disney Parks?

Question 4: Haunted Mansion has opened the door for Park-Original IP Movies to get a reboot. Which existing park IP would you reboot into a new movie? Options include Pirates, Tower of Terror, Country Bears, Jungle Cruise, Mission to Mars and Tomorrowland.

Bonus Question: When Indiana Jones and Space Mountain opened at Disneyland, lines bled onto Main Street. Modern ride openings use a virtual queue system. If you were in charge of new attractions and queues and such, how would you manage the line situation?