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Join Erik and Tage this week as they are joined by fellow podcasters from The Supreme Resort Jimmy, and Dan as they talk about Florida taking away the Reedy Creek Improvement District, what keeps us coming back to Disney, where the next US-Based theme park will be, and what IP should come to the parks next. Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: With the news recently of the Governor of Florida considering removing the special district, known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District, from Disney control, do you think it will happen and how will that change the resort?

Question 2: We have explored some heavy topics so far. I’d like to shift gears. What keeps you interested in Disney? I mean Parks, media, whatever. We have all seen ebbs and flows in the corporation and yet here we are talking about it for hours on end. Why?

Question 3: Do you think they will build another US based these park and where will it be and what will it be?

Question 4: What semi-obscure Disney or non-Disney IP out there do you feel is ripe for them to buy up and use in the theme parks? What kind of attraction/experience do you think it would lend itself to? I’d be especially interested to hear one of each (Disney & non-Disney).

Bonus Question (Available to supporters on Patreon only): With our guests today (and one co-host) being from The Supreme Resort, lets take it international! What international resort do you think is supreme and why?