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Join Erik and Tage this week as they are joined by Emily and Mike as they discuss daily ticket prices, the villains world, Star Wars and Marvel Disney+ series’, and their longest Disney park hiatuses . Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: Based on the level of entertainment that you get going to Disneyland, how much do you think a one day, one park ticket should be priced at?

Question 2: How true do you think the villans world is and where in Orlando do you think it will go?

Question 3: We’re through another bout of Star Wars and Marvel series on Disney+. Viewership seems to be dropping somewhat. Should Disney keep on target with these series? Mando has more coming, Mandoverse movie on the way, more Marvel stuff. Full disclosure, I wrote this question on October 4th, so maybe Loki had massive viewership. I tend to think we’re scaling back to more niche properties, but hey, this is your question to answer. Go for it.

Question 4: So Mike, you have been on a Disney parks hiatus. What has that been like after being a passholder and traveling there all the time? [What was your longest Disney parks hiatus and how did it affect you?]

Bonus Question: What is something at Disneyland that you think has gotten worse with time and something that has gotten better with time?