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Join Erik and Ryan this week as they are joined by Mike as they discuss the Disney music that made them a bigger fan or music aficionado, their favorite atmosphere music groups at Disneyland, Disney ride or movie they would like to see with a live music performance, and what band they would go back in time to see perform at Disneyland . Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: What Disney song or piece of music resonated with you in a way that made you a bigger Disney fan or a bigger music aficionado?

Question 2: What is your favorite atmosphere music group at Disneyland or DCA?

Question 3: What is one Disney ride or Disney movie that you would want to experience/see with a live music performance?

Question 4: Of all the bands and musicians who have played at DL/DW through the years, what would be the one you would time travel back to see perform in the park?

Bonus Question: If you had one ride song to be covered by a specific artist, which ride would you pick and which artist is covering it?