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Join Erik and Tage this week as they are joined by Kate and Bethany as they discuss what they would like to see on a Disney cruise, what makes Disney cruises worth their price, theire favorite excursions, and unique Fish Extender gifts. Support the podcast by going to

Question 1: What would you like to see on a Disney Cruise Line ship? This could be a venue, show, character, etc.

Question 2: Disney cruises have a reputation for being more expensive than other cruise lines. What is something about a Disney Cruise that you think makes it worth spending a little more? 

Question 3: What kinds of excursions do you like to do on a cruise? Or do you just stay on board the whole time?

Question 4: Fish Extenders: What’s a unique gift you would give or have received?

Bonus Question: What is your dream itinerary on a Disney Cruise?